Rant of the Day: 12.18.13


Don’t Leash Your Kids

One thing I hate seeing when I’m walking around a store or shopping mall is parents that leash their kids.  Some people would say that leashes are made for animals but I somewhat disagree with that too.  I love my dogs and wish they were trained to a point to where I can walk around with them unleashed.  Now I know it might look cute to you as a parent that your little child has the freedom to run around within a restricted radius around you with the leash being attached to a stuffed monkey harness but it’s just wrong.  I don’t take you seriously as a parent and question you as a parent at the same time.  What happened to the days where a kid would go shopping with his parents and actually held their parents hand or the parents would have enough trust in their child to just have them walk next to their hip?  Please stop leashing your kids.  Your kids might look like their having fun but you as a parent look like a complete idiot.


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