Are Carl’s Jr. $6 Burgers Worth It?


So, wifey and I had a craving for the new $6 Philly Cheesesteak Burger because of all the commercials for it.  We decided to make a trip to Carl’s Jr. just to try it out.  The trip was pretty surprising from the start since my wife has never really liked anything from Carl’s Jr.

So we get to Carl’s Jr. and decide to order at the drive thru since it was a little late to eat inside the dinning room.  We both ordered the same thing: $6 Cheesesteak combo with crisscut fries and a large soda.  Both meals came out to $19.92.  I have to admit that the burger was pretty good and the new buns that they are advertising reminded me a little bit of a brioche bun.

But here’s the problem…….

We paid just under $20.00 for 2 burger meals at a fast food chain.  I remember the marketing and advertising campaigns when Carl’s Jr. introduced the $6 burger as part of their menu was to get a big “restaurant style” burger without having to go to a sit down restaurant.  As much as I thought that the $6 Cheesesteak Burger was good, I don’t really agree with the price we had to pay for it.  For $20 my wife and I could have went to a local burger place or local restaurant and spent about the same amount of money for a burger entree.  Drinks would probably make the bill a bit more than $20.00 but we would at least order a beer or some sort of alcoholic beverage.  The breakdown on how the meal was charged goes as follows:

$6 Cheesesteak Burger:  $5.01, Crisscut Fries $2.18 and Large Drink $1.99.  So by looking at the breakdown it looks like a customer would pay full price for fries and drink and only take $.99 off of the burger.  Doesn’t make much sense to me.  This makes the whole entire combo $9.18 plus tax.  They shouldn’t even call this a meal if you ask me.

At the end of the day, no 2 people should have to pay $20.00 for 2 fast food meals even with upgrades to the meal.  I think anywhere from $14-17 (tax included) is around the price these two meals should had been.

So the ultimate question is:  WAS THE BURGER/MEAL WORTH IT?

The food was good but not worth the price.  In my opinion, if you want to spend $20.00 for two burger entrees go support your local restaurant and spend your money there.



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