Freight Trucks: Stay In The Slow Lane


I think we all have thought of this when out on the road.  Maybe this happens to you on your way to the store or maybe even on a long road trip.  Say you’re driving down the street or highway and traffic on the road you’re on is pretty clear.  Then all of a sudden a huge freight truck appears in front of you.

So what do you do?

A normal thing to do is change lanes to get around the truck right?  RIGHT!  The only problem is in front of that freight truck is another freight truck and the freight truck you’re trying to get around is trying to get around the other one.  Sorry if that confused you.  So right when you switch lanes, what usually happens is the freight truck in front of you switches lanes at the same time.  Usually this is what makes people like me pissed off behind the wheel and shout expletives hoping the guy in the truck can read my lips.  As this is happening you have to suddenly slow down to the speed that the truck is going which is usually around 55 MPH since thats the speed limit for freight trucks pretty much everywhere you go.  Doesn’t this just piss you off?

Don’t bother calling the number on the back of the truck asking “How’s our driving?” because they don’t care.  Don’t bother rolling down your window and flipping them off because they don’t care.  Don’t bother trying to cut them off to try to scare them because they don’t care.  Freight truck drivers are assholes and that’s all there is to it.  They have an important job in transporting products around the country but lose a lot of time away from home doing so.  I understand why freight truck drivers are the way they are but that doesn’t mean that I have to like them.

So after this little rant, all I want to say to all the freight truck drivers out there on the roads everyday is:

Thanks for doing what you do but PLEASE stay the F**K in the slow lane!


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