What I Think of Bandwagon Sports Fans

Unfortunately, no matter what team it is, they will always have “bandwagon fans” hopping on board from season to season.  All it takes is one winning season.  All of a sudden you will see people you’ve never seen watch a game for that team and now they’re starting to buy team merchandise like it’s the new fashion trend.  With all of the teams in pro sports there’s a few teams that are most known for “bandwagon fans.”

Here is what I think of these people.

I don’t like you.  I never will like you.  You people go to games for the wrong reasons.  You bandwagon fans are a disgrace and should never be allowed to wear team colors or logos.  You’re only good for one thing: for real fans to make fun of you.  You bandwagon fans are transparent and any real fan of any pro sports team can see right through you.  Even real fans of the team you now are a fan of will call you out.

Support of a team and being a real fan of a team are two different things.  But being a bandwagon fan is in it’s own category.  Real fans follow the team and support their respective teams both win or lose.  Supporters support their local teams but have no emotional attachment to those teams.  Bandwagon fans jump on when they win and jump off when they lose.

Just do us all a favor bandwagon fans and stay home and watch the game, don’t call local radio stations thinking you know what you’re talking about and don’t walk around with team apparel saying you’ve had it for years but the color is as bright as the shirt coming off the rack at whatever store you bought it from.

I would like to end this bandwagon fans rant with one major observation point that will help you detect a bandwagon fan.  What is it you may be wondering?  Here’s what to look for:

When you see a car with window flags with the team logo on it.  Easy giveaway for a bandwagon fan.


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