So I Quit My Job The Other Day

So after 9 months on the job at my now ex-employer, I decided to up and quit without giving two weeks notice.  I wasn’t happy with everything that was going on behind the scenes so I had to make a decision for myself which usually ends up sounding like a selfish way to think.  Don’t get me wrong though, I do believe in giving an employer two weeks notice if it’s worth it for me to stay there.  But at the same time every situation is different and has its own identity.  My ex-employers definitely took it personally, really really personally, I might add.  I understand that to a local small business that someone just quitting on the spot without notice might screw things up royally for them but at the end of the day that doesn’t fall on me.

Giving a two weeks notice in this situation never really crossed my mind.  I really just wanted a clean break.  Kind of like ripping off the band aid in one quick swipe.  It wouldn’t have been fair to me staying there for 2 weeks unhappy and it wouldn’t be fair to them if I stayed for 2 weeks and not give them 100% effort.  So when they got pissed off that I didn’t give them 2 weeks notice that is the reason I gave them.

The great thing about this opportunity that they gave me 9 months ago was they gave me training in a field that I have so much passion for.  The downside was when I got hired on it was around the time when a lot of turnover was going on at the shop.  I went from new hire to trainer to lead within about 6 months.  My passion never went away but the fun definitely did.

I met some great people in the 9 months I was there and made good friends out of most of my coworkers.  So if there’s anything I can take away from this opportunity is that I received great training and added to my circle of friends.  Not many people can say that working at their job.

One quick note.  I found out that the owners of the shop I used to work for were talking shit about me after I left that day.  This in my mind completely validates my decision and makes me happy that I got out when I did.  I wish the best for my ex-coworkers but can care less about the owners of that shop I used to work for.  If you don’t respect me with a decision I had to make for myself to keep my sanity then I definitely won’t give you any respect because you don’t deserve it.


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