Jimmer Heats Up In New York

I’m not jumping on the Jimmer fanatics bandwagon but I am very proud of what he did today in New York against the Knicks in Madison Square Garden.  Jimmer was a great scorer in college at BYU but his game hasn’t really transitioned to the NBA very well.  The reason for his up and down performances could be from multiple reasons.  He has shown glimpses of his college shooting days in a Kings uniform this season but has been very inconsistent in his play on the court.  One thing he has shown this season is that when given minutes, he makes the most out of it.  Jimmer is definitely a rhythm player and playing for 5-10 minutes on and off the bench doesn’t work for that type of player.  For the past month, his minutes have been a bit more consistent which allowed Jimmer to know that he’s going to play before the game.  That always helps.

But tonight, Jimmer went off.

Jimmer, born and raised 3 hours away from MSG played like he was at home.  He played in front of friends and family and he sure did give them a show.  Jimmer went 9 for 14 (6 for 8 from behind the 3 point line) which gave him a new career high of 24 points in 27 minutes.  He was also credited with 2 assists which I think he is trying to add to his game.

Overall, Jimmer had a great game and honestly, it was due.  As the trade deadline is coming up, Jimmer has been brought up in trade talks multiple times and this could have definitely been a showcase for him.  But only the big money people that run the Sacramento Kings know whats going on with his future with the Kings.  If this is the last time we see Jimmer in a Kings uniform, at least Kings fans got to see a great game from him.



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