Why I Won’t Go To A Hookah Lounge Anymore

So the other day I had a very relaxing night time hookah session at home.  As I was smoking, the smoke started to get harsh so I did what any hookah smoker would, purge.  What purging does to a hookah is when the smoke or vapor gets a bit harsh, what you should do is take your hose and blow through it, which will make all of the smoke/vapor in the glass base and the hookah stem go out through the purge valve.  This usually cures it.  But when I went to purge during this hookah session, I looked at my hose and it made me think.

If you’ve ever been to a hookah lounge like I have in the past, the standard steps are walking through the door, the server shows you to a seat, you look over the menu and order and wait for your hookah to come to your table.  The server will give you a hose mouthpiece tip to protect your lips from everyone else using the hose.  But when it comes to protecting you, thats pretty much where it ends.

The tip is great because it can protect you from things like herpes.  But look at it a little further with me.  The tip protects your lips but when you purge, you blow into the tip, into the hose and into the chamber of the stem.  It would be almost impossible to blow and purge without some saliva going into the tip and/or the hose.  If the hookah lounge gives you a tip to use during your session they probably think that it will protect you from just about anything during a hookah session.  So does that mean that they don’t clean the hoses as much?  Most hookah lounges use hoses that aren’t washable so how do they clean them?  Who knows?

Fortunately, I’ve never been sick after a hookah lounge session but as much as hookah lounges are popping up and getting popular, I have to think how much do they actually clean their equipment.  Hopefully this doesn’t stop you from going to your favorite hookah lounge but I also know that it might.  Just like anything, make up your mind, think and make your own decisions.

Just one last thing.  I think hookah lounges are backing my thoughts here because a lot of the popular hookah lounges now are offering one time use hoses for an extra fee.  These hoses are thrown away after the person is done using it.  So that would settle that argument but now you have to think about the actual hookah and the other parts to it.


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