Rant of the Day

Why I Won’t Go To A Hookah Lounge Anymore

So the other day I had a very relaxing night time hookah session at home.  As I was smoking, the smoke started to get harsh so I did what any hookah smoker would, purge.  What purging does to a hookah is when the smoke or vapor gets a bit harsh, what you should do is take your hose and blow through it, which will make all of the smoke/vapor in the glass base and the hookah stem go out through the purge valve.  This usually cures it.  But when I went to purge during this hookah session, I looked at my hose and it made me think.



So I Quit My Job The Other Day

So after 9 months on the job at my now ex-employer, I decided to up and quit without giving two weeks notice.  I wasn’t happy with everything that was going on behind the scenes so I had to make a decision for myself which usually ends up sounding like a selfish way to think.  Don’t get me wrong though, I do believe in giving an employer two weeks notice if it’s worth it for me to stay there.  But at the same time every situation is different and has its own identity.  My ex-employers definitely took it personally, really really personally, I might add.  I understand that to a local small business that someone just quitting on the spot without notice might screw things up royally for them but at the end of the day that doesn’t fall on me.


Freight Trucks: Stay In The Slow Lane


I think we all have thought of this when out on the road.  Maybe this happens to you on your way to the store or maybe even on a long road trip.  Say you’re driving down the street or highway and traffic on the road you’re on is pretty clear.  Then all of a sudden a huge freight truck appears in front of you.

So what do you do?


Rant of the Day: 12.18.13


Don’t Leash Your Kids

One thing I hate seeing when I’m walking around a store or shopping mall is parents that leash their kids.  Some people would say that leashes are made for animals but I somewhat disagree with that too.  I love my dogs and wish they were trained to a point to where I can walk around with them unleashed.  Now I know it might look cute to you as a parent that your little child has the freedom to run around within a restricted radius around you with the leash being attached to a stuffed monkey harness but it’s just wrong.  I don’t take you seriously as a parent and question you as a parent at the same time.  What happened to the days where a kid would go shopping with his parents and actually held their parents hand or the parents would have enough trust in their child to just have them walk next to their hip?  Please stop leashing your kids.  Your kids might look like their having fun but you as a parent look like a complete idiot.