My Get Healthy Journey


It’s been a few years since I really looked at my weight or thought about my health.  As days go by and my wife always making fun of my age by calling me an “old man,” I decided last night that I was going to go on a diet and start a daily exercise routine to get back in shape.  Not to sound like I’m bragging or anything but I’ve been somewhat blessed with a body frame that will not go over a certain weight.  Over the past couple of years I’ve been pretty much eating what I wanted when I wanted and haven’t gained much more than the daily 1-2 pounds but have also lost the 1-2 pounds the day after I gained it.  I definitely know that my metabolism has slowed but my body can drop 10-15 pounds comfortably in 2-3 weeks with just a mild change in diet and little exercise.  One thing that does help me out a ton during a diet is that I don’t have an addictive personality.  I can drop things like bad eating habits as fast as you can snap your fingers.  So follow this blog post for my journey and to see how I drop weight.  But also look for updates on the front page of my blog as I will also do random check ins during my “get healthy” journey.

Wish me luck.